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June 15 2015

4 Things You’ll Require To Create Your Website

The whole process of building your own site involves some terms and ideas that you must comprehend prior to starting. With the information provided here, creating your own website would certainly be a lot easier.how to build a website

So before creating your web site, you should first know these 4 crucial components. To be able to help you get a better understanding of how a website works, we will make use of the analogy of a brick-and-mortar store and draw parallels between the two.


The first thing you will need to do is get a domain name. A domain name is like an address for a site. It tells consumers where to find you on the internet. It is essential to keep your domain name short. So for those searching for you online, it will be simple to remember and type in. how to create a website

Just like a regular store has an address which you give to the clients so they can locate you, your site will also require a “web address” so the customers could locate you online.


A website hosting service is a company that provides a server where your website would reside. What exactly is a server? It’s a special computer which uses a special software to display websites. Are servers always on? Of course, 24/7. It means that anybody can access your website anytime as it is always online.

To make it easier to comprehend, the website hosting service is the land where your site is built. It provides a place where your site can be built. Like an offline store requires land for the building and all of the equipment, your website requires a place to store all of the information and images which support its structure.


The most preferred platform is WordPress. WordPress is free to utilize and can be set up on your server with just one click. It is a series of data and pictures that work together to form a piece of software. WordPress is responsible for interacting with the user and the server at the same time.

The website platform is like the structure for your website. It is the structure that supports the site. Just like a typical store wouldn’t exist without a real building, your website needs a website platform to provide a location, or structure, for you to interact with your clients in the online world.


A theme could be likened to paint. It is what allows one to create a unique look and feel through color and design. Like every brick-and-mortar store utilizes color and design to create a unique experience, your website’s theme can be utilized to change the look and feel of your web site.

So, that's it. These are the only components required to create a website on your own. Just be sure you understand how each and every component works.

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